The Academic Success Center (ASC)

The mission of the Academic Success Center (ASC) is to facilitate learning by providing support services that enable students to succeed in their academic performance. Some of the services we offer are:

    • Peer (student to student) tutoring to support all students in the development of skills necessary for their effective performance in the college learning environment. The ASC serves as a tutoring center, staffed by one or more tutors several hours a night during the week. Tutoring is also available on an on-call basis for times when the ASC is not open. Check the Tutor Program tab on Navigator for more information.

    • Accommodation for students with documented learning disabilities. The ASC assists these students in obtaining reasonable accommodation for their learning needs. Contact Dr. Lisa Beatty, or Becky Kraus for more information.

    • Proctored testing for exams taken at a time other than during the regularly scheduled class period. Check the Testing Policy tab on Navigator for more information.


The Academic Success Center is located in the Technology Center which is just off the Lower Commons, near the Student Mailboxes. We are close to the Library and the Coffee Bean.


The ASC is open daily as an office and a testing center, Monday through Friday, during business hours. It is open as a Tutoring Center, Monday through Thursday evenings, generally from 7:00 – 10:00 pm. The ASC is closed on weekends.


Manager: Becky Kraus, Manager of the Academic Success Center, also serves as Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Lisa Beatty. Becky is a graduate of Emmaus Bible School (Oak Park, diploma), and Trinity College (bachelor’s in English) in Deerfield, IL. She has worked at the College for 36 years in various departments: ECS ministries, Business Office, Computer Services, and, most recently, Academic Affairs. She is married and she and her husband, Tom, enjoy spending time with their children, and their four grandsons. Visitors to the ASC are welcome to help themselves to the well-stocked candy bowl – chocolate anyone? Contact information:

Tutors: The ASC also has a staff of student tutors. Information on each tutor may be found on Navigator under the Tutoring Program tab.