Student Tutor Qualifications and Requirements

General Requirements

  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above, or in special cases, approval from department chair and faculty of the department. In that case tutoring may be limited to specific courses/subject. Example: computer or accounting – the prospective tutor may have less than an overall 3.0 GPA but should have done well in the subject they will tutor.

  • Successful completion at least one semester at Emmaus. Preference is for two or more semesters completed successfully. If less than two, applicant needs a high semester GPA, and an excellent recommendation from appropriate faculty member(s),

  • Approval by Student Life Dean (Mr. Chavez), and by Academic Dean (Mr. Kunjummen)

  • Recommendation from a faculty member who knows your work well.

  • Be available for orientation at the beginning of each semester. Be available to work each week for the entire semester.

  • Fill out and return the Peer Tutor Application form. Employment interview will take place following the submission of the Application if the above conditions are satisfactorily met.

Specific Requirements

Writing/English tutors: Since most tutoring centers on writing, approval from Mr. Chris Rush is needed. If the prospective tutor has not taken a Composition class with Mr. Rush he/she must submit a paper written for another class for Mr. Rush to evaluate. If not approved as a writing tutor, he/she may still be approved to tutor other subjects.

Other subjects: Tutors applying to tutor only in a specific subject/major or class must receive approval by department head of that field.