Resident Student Policies and Procedures

Resident Student Meals

    • Student ID cards must be swiped at the register at the entrance to the dining hall for every meal eaten.

    • Swipe cards are only to be used for meals eaten by the card holder. If you wish to purchase additional meals for guests, please do so at the register in the dining hall.

    • Meals to Go

    • Sack Lunches:

      • The sandwich bar is available during all meals for individuals with meal plans who need to pack a sack lunch either for the present meal or a meal that may be missed later. (see steward for individually wrapped snack items).

      • When packing a sack lunch please notify the host/hostess at the entrance to the dining hall and they will enter you into the register. Note: Packing a sack lunch counts as a meal taken and will be deducted from your meal plan. Under the 21 meals/week meal plan you are allotted 3 meals/day.

    • Take Out:

      • Foam take-out containers for hot food & cups for drinks are only for students who are sick (on the sick list), working during a meal, or have made an arrangement with the FSD ahead of time.

      • Please notify the host/hostess if you are taking a meal for another resident student and they will enter them into the computer (see steward for take-out containers and disposable cups).

General Information

    • Food, beverage, or utensils are not to be taken out of the dining hall except in the case of sack lunches or foam take-out containers.

    • Personal beverage containers are not to be filled in the dining hall at any time except with ice water.

    • To best serve you, only kitchen employees who are currently working are allowed back in the kitchen during meal times. If you need any assistance, please see the dining hall steward or any kitchen employee.

    • Customers are responsible to bus their own tables using the bussing area.

    • We appreciate customer feedback. Comment cards are available near the entrance to the dining hall. Please turn completed comment cards to the dining hall host