Welcome to ICS

Welcome to Intercultural Studies! Our mission is to develop a passion for serving God across cultures, and to prepare students to serve as agents of worldview transformation. We have several programs that will help you develop into the person God wants you to be:

ICS Internships

ICS majors spend one semester in an overseas internship. Classroom theory comes alive as they serve alongside a qualified, experienced mentor on the field. Here are our current interns...

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select an ICS major?
Easy. If you are a new student at Emmaus, fill out and submit the Declaration of Intent form, below. If you are coming to ICS from another major, fill out and submit the Change of Intent form. Then drop by your advisor's office and tell us the good news!

What jobs can I get with an ICS major?
Our graduates have worked in a number of fields: missions, social work, education, community service, work for NGOs, the State Department, AmeriCorps, and many more.

What’s the difference between the TESOL minor and the TESOL certificate?
Both award the TESOL certification. The minor, however, includes two additional courses: Cultural Anthropology and a choice between World Religions and a Context Studies Elective. The minor helps students gain cross-cultural skills.

What's the difference between the ICS Major and ICS Minor?




Who is it for?

Graduates planning to use their ministry or professional vocation cross-culturally, at home or abroad.

Graduates pursuing cross-cultural missions or a broad educational foundation with a robust intercultural competency. 

How many courses?

7 courses (21 credits)

13 courses (48 credits)

What is the purpose?

Provide an overview of the missionary task, understand culture, and gain an overview perspective of religious contexts.

Graduates serve as agents of worldview transformation, competent in cross-cultural adjustment, cross-cultural communication, and cross-cultural leadership.

Includes internship? No. Yes. Students research culture, study the language, serve and are mentored abroad for one semester.

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