Student Procedure for Alternative Testing


  1. You must obtain the permission of the instructor, and that permission must be communicated to the ASC.
  2. You must make an appointment in advance, preferably 24 hours. You may do this in one of the following ways:
    • Submit the Google form, “Student ASC Test Appointment”, available here.
    • Email Becky Kraus:
    • Call or text Becky Kraus's cellphone – 563-543-5745 (leave your name if you call or text)
    • Call the ASC office ext. 3017
    • In person in the ASC office (located in the Technology Center, Smart Ground, in the hallway near the student mailboxes in the Lower Commons)
  3. Please provide the following information:
    • Your name
    • The class for which the exam is needed
    • The preferred date and time for the exam
    • How the exam will be delivered to the ASC – whether you will obtain the exam from the professor and bring it with you, or whether the professor will provide the exam directly to the ASC.
  4. Once an appointment has been made, please be on time for the test. Any student who arrives more than 15 minutes later than the appointment time, or who drops in to take an exam without prior scheduling, will be allowed to take the exam only if the schedule permits. The last testing start time of the day is 3:30 pm to allow adequate time for completion of exams.

  • Only materials allowed by the instructor for that particular exam will be allowed at the testing station.
  • Books, book bags, cell phones, electronic devices (unless prior permission has been given for their use) must be left on the black bookshelf by the door.
  • Food and beverage (except water in an enclosed container) are not allowed at the testing station.
  • You may not leave the exam room without permission during the examination.

Questions? Contact Mrs. Kraus by phone, email or text.

Becky Kraus
Academic Success Center
Office 3017